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Managing APIs with Traefik Hub.

API Portal

Traefik Hub - API Portal overview and introduction.


How to manage member access in the Traefik Hub Dashboard

Data Sharing

Overview about shared data between the Traefik Hub’s SaaS control plane and a Kubernetes cluster hosting the Traefik Hub agent


Traefik Hub frequently asked questions

Internal IdP

This page describes how to manage user and user groups using Traefik Hub as IdP.


How to use Keycloak as the identity provider (IdP) for Traefik Hub.

Labels and Selectors

Traefik Hub - How to use Labels and Selectors for resource management and selections.


This page explains all available Traefik Hub metrics which can be collected with OpenTelemetry.


How to use Okta as the identity provider (IdP) for Traefik Hub.


Support for Swagger v2 and OpenAPI v3.0.x in Traefik Hub.


This page describes how you can utilize Prometheus for Traefik Hub metrics collected by OpenTelemetry.

User Management

Traefik Hub - Control access to your APIs and documentation.