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API Portal Overview

How to use the API Portal.


The Traefik Hub Developer Portal is a website designed for developers to discover, access, and utilize API services.
This platform serves as the space where API Users can explore, understand how to utilize the APIs, manage API Key access, and experiment with their functionalities.

Access the Portal

Follow one of the steps below to access API Portal.

  1. Browse to the API Portal overview page in the dashboard and choose the API Portal you want to access. Selecting the Portal Domain will redirect you to the API Portal login screen.

Select the Portal to connect to in the dashboard.

  1. Get the API Portal URL of your cluster with kubectl in the terminal and open the link in a browser to log in.
kubectl get apiportal

The API Developer Portal is a separate site that requires its own credentials. You can’t use your Traefik Hub Dashboard credentials to log in.

For more information, please refer to the documentation about authentication & authorization.

Portal Overview

The list of all available APIs and API collections is automatically provisioned according to the API Accesses of the API User.


Overview showing an API Portal.

1The name, logo and description of the API Portal.
For more information, please refer to the API Portal object documentation.
2The list of APIs and API Collections which are available for the API User.
3Information about API Versioning and API Rate Limit.
4Overview and documentation about API endpoints.
Select an endpoint to view its details, including its parameters and the responses it returns.
5Interactive API console to test requests and responses.
6Settings: The place where the API User manages API Keys.
Log Out: The API Portal Log out button.

Depending on the configuration, the look of the API Portal changes. For example, if there is no rate limiting or API versioning configured, the API Portal will not display any information about these.

API Portal showing an API with rate limit.

Working with APIs

Select an API in the left column and select an endpoint to view its details, including its parameters and the responses it returns.

API Portal.

Test an Endpoint

  1. Choose the API you want to use, this example uses the Ticket API.
  2. Second, select the endpoint you want to use.
  3. Third, choose the authorization type for the API.
  4. Paste your API Key or JWT token.
  5. Set the limit.
  6. Select Send API Request.
  7. View the output

API Portal.

Read More

Please refer to the documentation about using API Keys or JWT for API authorization in the API Portal.

Log Out

Select Log out in the bottom left corner to log out from the API Portal.