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Authentication & Authorization

Control and manage access to your workspace, APIs and documentation.


Access management includes the control and authorization of users to access workspaces (the Traefik Hub dashboard), APIs, and API Portals. Integral access management components are JSON Web Tokens and API keys for APIs and Identity Providers (IdPs) as the source of truth for Users and Groups.

In Traefik Hub, an IdP serves as the foundation for user authentication, while API keys or JWTs play a key role in authorizing users to access APIs.

Traefik Hub support three main levels for access management, where the manager has the highest and the consumer the lowest permissions.

API Manager

The API Manager uses the Traefik Hub Dashboard to administrate workspaces, APIs, user and group management.

API User

Common actions of an API User:

Please refer to the IdP documentation to learn more about how to manage user authentication.

API Consumer

The API User or application accessing the API. Consumers are granted access to APIs via API Accesses.